Current Conference

EUROCALL Gathering

20th-21st August 2020


The website for the EUROCALL 2020 Gathering is now live and can be found here. 

Join us for the Gathering on our You Tube channel here.


We all are very disappointed, not least our colleagues in the University of Copenhagen, that we cannot meet together in person at EUROCALL this August. However, the good news, as you know, is that we are able to gather on-line, and continue to consider and celebrate excellent scholarly work in the world of CALL through keynotes, workshops and meetings of our Special Interest Groups. We are not going to let the COVID-19 pandemic defeat us!



There will also be an option for those of you who had abstracts accepted to record your presentation (15-minute time slots) and we will be making these available on a new EUROCALL You Tube channel.  All accepted presenters can find more information on submitting your recording here. Deadline for sending through your recording is 31st July 2020.  For any technical advice regarding your recording please contact Teresa MacKinnon at 

Please note: Only those who have submitted their recording or uploaded their poster will be eligible to submit their work to the Short Papers. 



For those of you who wish to submit your poster for inclusion in the EUROCALL Gathering, please do so by following the instructions in this link.   Posters will be displayed using Padlet during the gathering with opportunities to comment and vote using the Padlet functionality. Deadline for uploading your poster is 14th August 2020.



We are delighted to say that, thanks to the efforts of Research Publishing, we will be publishing an on-line volume of Short Papers later in the year. The papers accepted for EUROCALL this year are of high quality, so we look forward to having the opportunity to hear them in August and see them in print later in the autumn. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to share your work! More information and guidance on this to follow soon. Please note that only those who have submitted their recording or uploaded their poster will be eligible to submit their work to the Short Papers publication. 

*Only those who submit recordings or upload their posters will be eligible to submit their work for the Short Papers publication.*

Authors of accepted presentations (papers and posters) can send a short paper of 1600 words in total for publication in the EUROCALL2020 short papers. Authors of an accepted symposium can group their presentations together and send one short paper of 2000 words in total. Note that only the papers/posters presented at the EUROCALL gathering will be eligible for publication. 

The short papers will be peer-reviewed and edited; a committee of reviewers selected by the editors will review the documents and rate them according to quality and correctness. Authors may be solicited to review one or two manuscripts. Should you not hear from the editors (Karen-Margrete Frederiksen, Sanne Larsen, Linda Bradley, and Sylvie Thouësny) after the EUROCALL gathering, email Sylvie ( as soon as possible as this probably means that the editors do not have your manuscript.

The publication of the short papers is guaranteed before the end of the current year. Because of the short amount of time between paper submission and publication date, there will be hard deadlines, which authors will have to meet if they want their manuscripts considered for publication.

Instructions for short papers (if you are an accepted author and if you have registered for the gathering)

  • Submit an original contribution not previously published.
  • Write no more than 1600 words in total (including title, abstract, keywords, main text, tables, references, acknowledgements. Appendices, if necessary, will be placed on a separate file and referenced in the manuscript with a link).
  • Refer to the template for guidelines. Template can be found here- 
  • Provide tables (if any) in editable format, not as a screenshot.
  • Include permissions to reproduce any copyrighted materials.
  • Follow APA style for references (in text and in list).
  • Include an acknowledgment section to credit the work of any non-author contributors, and/or funding.
  • Meet the editors’ deadlines.
  • Use the OpenConf system to upload your MS Word short paper using your submission id and password. Short papers are submitted through Openconf: "Upload file" on

 Estimated time frame

  • 10-08-2020: Submission of short papers (hard deadline)
  • 14-09-2020: First review and notification to authors
  • 28-09-2020: Submission of second draft (if required) 
  • 26-10-2020: Notification of acceptance/refusal to authors (if major changes are required after the second submission, the paper will not be considered for publication)
  • 09-11-2020: Acceptance of proof copy
  • 16-11-2020: E-signature of contributor agreement (authors keep their full copyright and select their CC licence)
  • 07-12-2020: Estimated publication date
  • August 2020: Issuing of Virtual badges (via email)

Authors of accepted presentations in the EUROCALL2020 gathering may also submit (in addition to the short papers) an extended version for peer-reviewed publication in ReCALLor The EUROCALL Review.



Thank you to all those who have already subscribed to EUROCALL. While there is no formal registration for the August Gathering event all those who participate and attend virtually should be paid EUROCALL members. You can take your membership out at any time as long as you are a valid member on the dates of the event. Those who wish to subscribe please follow the instructions below.

-Please visit the EUROCALL website to subscribe. You will find the membership join page here:

-Simply select the retired option at 65 euro. Complete the registration form and put an X in any of the boxes that are not applicable to you. The 65 euro button states that it is for ‘retired’ members but for the EUROCALL Gathering event in August we are opening this rate to all those who wish to subscribe. Please note - There is not a separate button to select for the Gathering rate. 

-Follow the process through to payment.

 If you have an issue regarding your membership please contact the EUROCALL Secretary Toni Patton at 


Put yourself on the MAP!

Lastly, if you are joining us for the event in August we would like you to complete this form to show your whereabouts in the world. This will give us all a more visual picture of the location of our EUROCALL community.   The EUROCALL 2020 Gathering address from our President is now available to view here:



For those of you who attended and/or presented at the EUROCALL Gathering, please follow the link below for an update on the issuing of EUROCALL virtual badges.


NOTE: Please look out for the badge award email coming your way (it may be filtered in your spam/junk folder).




Stay safe and well.