EUROCALL Discussion List

EUROCALL runs an unmoderated email discussion list for its members, which is also open to non-members. The purpose of the discussion list is to allow colleagues to exchange ideas, to give out information about relevant events, conferences, workshops etc, or to ask advice about, for example, the use of a particular type of software. The list will also be used by the EUROCALL Secretary to provide up-to-date information for members.

To join the EUROCALL-members discussion list go to the list home page on Jiscmail: /lists/eurocall-members.html

From there, you can also browse archives of previous messages and read list-related files. The list also features a discussion room where two or more subscribers may conduct a virtual text-based discussion in real-time.

The discussion list is not intended to provide free advertising for commercial software producers. However, we appreciate that members may be interested to receive information about new items of software, so brief notices together with contact details are acceptable. Please refrain from sending excessively long messages, as too many of these may deter subscribers from using the list. Short attachments may be sent to the list. If you have any queries about a message you wish to post, please contact the ◊Toni Patton, EUROCALL Secretary in advance

If you use the ‘reply’ facility, your reply will go to the sender only, not to everyone on the list, so please copy your response to if you want it to appear on the list.

Please note that, by contributing to the eurocall-members list, you will be making your email address available to other subscribers.